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There was no ificant difference in ancestry among cases and controls using a dihybrid model based on 29 ancestry-informative markers. A follow-up case-control study gave similar. Long-term disabilities associated with prematurity add additional costs.

This disparity cannot be explained by socioeconomic status or access to health care 3. There is emerging evidence suggesting that interactions among these factors i.

However, no known genetic variation can for the greater Single ladies looking sex Framingham of preterm birth in African Americans. One approach to the elucidation of the ethnic disparity in risk for prematurity is to identify genetic variants with different allele frequencies among populations that are associated or linked to this outcome.

Knowledge of such a genotype could be used to identify subjects who might benefit from therapeutic interventions. This knowledge would allow preventative measures e. It could also facilitate clinical trials of prevention therapies.

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Preterm births cluster in families, and the strongest predictor of a preterm birth is a prior preterm delivery 67. The notion that genetic factors, particularly genes Housewives looking hot sex Emigrant Gap in collagen metabolism, play a role in preterm birth is supported by the frequent occurrence of preterm birth after preterm premature rupture of membranes PPROM when the fetus is affected with Ehlers—Danlos syndrome 8.

Candidate gene studies revealed that polymorphisms that increase the promoter activity of genes encoding matrix metalloproteinases, enzymes that break down collagen, are associated with risk of PPROM, the leading identifiable cause of preterm Big dicks in Hungary 9 — Although these studies support the idea that genetic variation contributes to preterm delivery, none of the known variants can for why African Americans are at greater risk.

Heat-shock protein 47 Hsp47encoded by Adult want hot sex Manville SERPINH1 gene, is a heat-shock protein localized to the endoplasmic reticulum that serves as a chaperone stabilizing the collagen triple helix.

Hsp47 appears to be essential Attractive married seeks fbuddy mature adult Huntington available collagen synthesis, and mutant mice lacking Hsp47 die before birth with ruptured blood vessels and a marked reduction in type I collagen. There is a direct relationship between Hsp47 expression and collagen production; type I procollagen increases in proportion to the increase in Hsp47 levels Thus, Hsp47 could be a factor that influences the amount of fibrillar collagen laid down in the amnion, which gives the fetal membranes tensile strength.

Notably, PPROM fetal membranes have reduced collagen content, which could be the result of reduced synthesis or increased catabolism 13 Rocnik et al. These observations confirm the higher T allele frequency among those with African ancestry.

Table 1.

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